Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Fighter Post Wahoo!

I've been dying to start this blog since about November when I first got a taste of Muay Thai. I practiced Shotokan Karate for about 10 years, and through high school sadly, I just got kind of sick of it. I put hanging out and playing handball before Karate. Needless to say I lost so much by not practicing, everything from fight timing, to flexibility, all the things I thought I would have forever, just disappeared.

No more splits, six-pack or evasiveness. I lost it. I started working out in college, enjoyed it, but didn't get the fullness that I would get from martial arts. About a year ago my younger, but bigger brother started taking Muay Thai at Ultimate Gym New York with Kru Nestor Marte Link to Ultimate and he started to show me some of the exercises, techniques and needless to say, I loved it.

I started working out at home, I was in 'piece of crap' shape and wanted to learn techniques and not waste my money or the gym's time.
Physical Stats Before I started working out at home:
5'7", 157 lbs, and could barely do 20 push ups. Sorry for the crudeness but I didn't take any measurements or body fat content tests. I will try to improve on my reporting.
I do, however, still remember my training regiment. I worked out on a yoga mat. No weights to start off.
- Squats, not regular squats. I did some research and needed to transform my muscles into rubber bands for quick reaction. I wasn't looking to build mass or look good. I was looking to be fit for quickness and endurance. I would start with 70 quick squats, then count down from 70, then from 60, and so on until I hit 30 with no rest. I couldn't do this from the onset of my working out. I had to build up to that. I first started at 50 and counted down to zero.
- Crunches, straight from the 50 squats with no rest, I would start with 50 crunches. After I got used to this I would start timing them, to 2 minutes of straight crunches. Crunches worked really well because, from what I've heard and believe to be true, is that it forces you to learn how to breathe properly when working out. I also didn't do sit ups because of the same reason I didn't do slow squats. I needed rubber band abs.
- Pushups, this was the hardest part so at first did this first, but as I progressed, I began to push it to the back of the set. I would do as many push ups as possible in 60 seconds. Two minutes was just way too long, still is. Once I got to about 60 in a minute I started to level off, never getting to more than 75 consecutive, not in a minute.

I would try to repeat this set of workouts, but for the second and third sets I kept pushing until I reached muscle failure.

After about a month I lost 15 lbs. and was in far better shape to begin my Muay Thai journey.

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