Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Cup Ever!: How I Survived A Low Kick To The Groin

Executive Summary:
I was watching Sport Science on some random day and they were setting up a demonstration of all the groin protection used in sports. They wanted to see how the cups would stand up to a 90mph fastball. The damage was clear, they all either broke or shattered into pieces. The few that didn’t still would not have protected the “boys” in anyway. That is until they brought out the Nutty Buddy . Cheesy name, I know, but it does what it says. It protects the nuts, like a good friend should. To demonstrate, the inventor and former MLB pitcher Mark Littell redesigned the way the cup was shaped, thus affecting the way it absorbs impact. As he puts it, when you take a shot to the pills, even if the cup doesn’t bend or break on impact, the twig and berries have no where to go, so end up getting hitting the cup itself. Not cool at all. So he demonstrated taking a 90mph without flinching. This guy means business.

Video of Nutty Buddy Inventor taking a 90mph shot to the pills.

My Results
I have never worn a cup, and by shear luck have never really taken any accidental shots to the junk. Now practicing Muay Thai, and after watching the demo, I had to have one. So I went to the website to order. They recommend that you first wear a pair of compression shorts, then put the jock strap on, and place the nutty buddy in between the two. Their website also allows you to build a package and order all the items needed to protect the family jewels. Very convenient for someone like me who likes the one-stop-shop.

Key Issues:
1. Mark Littell will be thanked for saving many babies
2. The redesign of the cup is a stroke of genius

1. Go to the website and buy the package, nuff said

My Experience with the diet
- Pros its only costs $20 for the nutty buddy
- With the set of shorts, strap and shipping it came to about $60, a price I am willing to pay

- As soon as I received it, I put it on and tested it. It will definitely take a shot head on. And that’s the key. The shot must be head on, problem is that in muay thai, boxing and mma, sometimes upper-cuts and low kicks come up from under. If this happens you are probably not going to survive.

Funny story.
The day after I ordered it I went to Sitan Gym for the advanced class for sparring.
Feeling good that the nutty buddy is on its way.
We finish the warm up and start sparring.
I partner up with a nice guy, he catches me with a stiff jab, my head snaps back.
I get upset.
I rush in with a 1-2 combo followed by a low kick.
I didn’t feel a cup.
I felt awful.
All the consolation in the world means nothing when you have that sinking feeling in your stomach.
We then switch partners, I get a taller guy, whom I have never sparred with.
I eat a jab, then take a low kick.
I guess that’s fighter’s karma.
What goes around comes around. Oh yeah did I mention, the nutty buddy was on its way. Dang, how it hurts.

Today’s class was different.
Teamed up with a jerky-motioned partner, the kind you have to watch out for weird twitchy movements.
Low and behold, I took a low kick right in the tackle box.
After an awkward flinch, I took the damn kick to the groin!!!!
Insert sigh of relief.
Only thing I had to do was slightly readjust to ensure it was seated properly.
Funny how the low kick just came in at the right angle and so it was perfectly deflected into my hips instead of the groin.
Thank you Mark Littell and thank you Nutty Buddy.
This marks the end of this post as I am fresh out of groin euphemisms.

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