Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Fight Dec. 5 @ the Fighthouse

First Fight Dec. 5 @ the Fighthouse

After numerous cancellations I now have a confirmed fight.

Details now; filler to follow.

Fight is set for Saturday December 5th at the Fighthouse. There website doesn’t have any detailed info yet, but will re-post as soon as they do.

122 Wet 27th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, New York 10001
Take the R or W train to 28th street
Or take the 1 train to 28th street
Fight is at 130 lbs.


My first fight was scheduled for 125 lbs division on October 31st; it was cancelled.

My next first fight was scheduled for 125 lbs division on November 7th; cancelled as well.

After that, the next two fight promotions were set for December 5th or the 12th.

Take On Promotions, the company organizing the December 12th fight, could not get find me a 125 lb debut fighter, as I was beginning to realize, it isn’t easy.

Just when things were looking their darkest, Master Aziz pulled me aside during the beginning of class today to let me know that he found someone serious. Finally, a quick sigh of relief, followed by a deep oh-crap sinking feeling. The fighter already has one fight and is looking for a second, at the very least, I know this guy will show up to fight. The fight will be at 130 lbs, and will also have same-day weigh-ins, which is fairly standard at amateur events. Aziz ended the conversation with, think about it, you have all class to think about it and give me your decision! HA, great! Typical Aziz. He is the best.

The way I see it, in a week and a half I will be in the best shape of my life.

Before I fight would like to thank Master Aziz, Christian, Will, Tank, Omar, Patrick, Kevin, Andrew, Jay, Goose and the entire Sitan Gym crew who kicked me in the face, punched me in the liver and never gave up on me.

A special thanks to my lovely wife, who allowed me to come home, night after night, bruised, tattered and limping, but had the strength to allow me this dream.


Shout out to my family – BANSAI!!!

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